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Scholarship Testimonials


I had initially learned of the scholarship through my father’s involvement in the TTC and had applied to help assist with the cost of my post-secondary education. I was incredibly grateful to be selected as the scholarship recipient in 2012; it was a tremendous recognition of my high school achievements and validated my commitment to my academics and extracurricular involvement.

Looking back, I am proud that I was able to accomplish the goals and intentions I had set back in 2012. Throughout university I continued to take French language courses and graduated from the Ivey Business School in 2016 with an Honours Business Administration degree as well as a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Following graduation I began at Deloitte Toronto in the Audit and Assurance practice where I have spent the last four years working towards my designation and have been recently promoted to Assistant Manager. At Deloitte, I have had the opportunity to work with a large variety of financial services companies that have taken me from Delhi to London. As I had in university, I have continued to be involved in a variety of non-client related activities, helping with the Western University recruiting efforts on behalf of Deloitte and as Chief of Staff to the Managing Partner of the Ontario Audit and Assurance practice.

I am incredibly impressed by how much the scholarship program has grown over the past four years, the support the TTC is providing to students is incredible. I would again like to thank the TTC for the scholarship and the help the membership provided to me achieving my goals.


It has already been nine years since I stood at the podium in front of 800 guests, at the Toronto Transportation Club's Annual Dinner, held that year in the Canadian Room of the Royal York Hotel. I was honoured and extremely grateful to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2011 Annual TTC Scholarship. It was definitely a very proud moment for myself, my family and friends.

Much has happened since that day. A part time job teaching dance & gymnastics while at University helped to pay the bills but the TTC scholarship definitely allowed me to focus on my studies and not so much on the bank account. I successfully graduated from UWO (now known as Western University) in London, ON with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods & Nutrition.

Prior to my graduation I accepted a six-month co-op position at Cargill in the FSQR (Food Safety, Quality, and Regulatory) Dept. That opportunity followed with a one-year contract position, which then led to a full-time permanent position. I am currently employed as an FSQR Supervisor with Cargill in London, ON. Every day presents a new challenge but, in a nutshell, my responsibility is to ensure that all product produced at our facility is done so in a safe & pristine environment and that all product shipped to our customers has met the highest of standards.

Since graduating and finding full-time employment, I have purchased my first home and got married in August 2019. We are expecting our first child in January 2021.

As a recipient of the TTC scholarship, I realize how much I appreciated & valued the helping hand and how important it is to give back to the community. I joined the Big Sisters / Big Brothers organization while at Western and still meet regularly with my "little sister" who I was initially matched with. I'm sure we will always remain good friends even when one day she becomes a "big sister" herself.

While I did not follow my Dad's footsteps in the trucking/transportation field, I am very much aware of how the industry has contributed, in more ways than one, to my education, career & successes. Nine years ago, I was the single recipient of the TTC the program has grown to allow four scholarships to be awarded each year. This is an impressive financial contribution the club has chosen to make towards the education of future generations.

The Toronto Transportation Club has helped me and many others with our post-secondary education and in doing so, has made a significant impact to help shape the future of our tomorrow. I will be eternally grateful to the TTC and thank you for this opportunity to once again express my appreciation for your support & financial assistance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.