Testimonials From TTC Members

Kelli Saunders

I’ve been a TTC member for some 17 years and Past President in 2010. When asked recently of the benefits of being a member of the TTC, my answer was “wow, there are so many….” As a member of the TTC, the Club brings to you North American’s largest and strongest transportation/traffic club’s network. Our very unique social club brings like minded people together to meet, laugh, learn and develop life long relationships and friendships. The Club brings to your fingertips the ability to reach out to fellow members to expand your business, search for new opportunities and simply be sounded by great folks. The energy of our Club events is outstanding and camaraderie is second to none. With the demands of today’s supply chain, and of your individual roles in the industry, why not surround yourself with the “best of the best”. Come, join. You won’t regret it!

Kelli Saunders

James Currier

It is often said that you get out of thing what you put in to them. That has proven to be true more times than I can count when talking about the Toronto Transportation Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed almost a decade of participating in events with the TTC and can say with absolute certainty that it gets better every year. The relationships built through the TTC are constantly budding and strengthening every year and it is a testament to the hard work of the dedicated board and diverse members that there is a new ring of growth within the next generation every year. It really is remarkable to see the tight-knit community of the TTC continually grow in to a club of enormous proportions that still finds unique ways to give back to the transportation field and future generations of leaders.

James Currier, National Account Manager

Carolyn Lum

I had the opportunity to join the TTC my first year into my Transportation career. Being able to attend events such as the Ladies Lunch and the Annual Holiday Gala allowed me to learn, network, and gain valuable exposure which is invaluable!

Senior Manager, National Continuous Improvement
Walmart Canada

Mike McCarron

Joining the TTC 35 years ago was one of the most pivotal decisions in my supply chain career. The long term relationships that were nurtured in fun, social settings helped grow the business and the bottom line.

Mike McCarron

Neil Christensen

Wow, its hard to believe that I have been involved with the TTC for over 32 years. I remember when I was the “kid” at all these events, and now I am one of the gray haired guys! There is no doubt that attending the events, and being on the Board of Directors from 1998-2006, catapulted the relationships that were built over the years. Many of the contacts became friends, with memories that will last a life time. Whether you are a new member or an old member, there is always new people to meet! We all work hard, and the club has provided the opportunity to have fun, while spending time with everyone in our industry. I appreciate all the mentors that have helped shaped who I am today! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to support the club! Hope to see you all soon!

Neil Christensen, EVP

Peter Stefanovich

Being part of the TTC has allowed Left Lane Associates to meet a broad market of those in the supply chain. Helping build relationships with old and new clients in the mergers an acquisition space is vital to knowing who is looking to buy supply chain businesses and who are looking at selling. We wouldn’t be where we are as a company without the TTC. Thank you.

Peter Stefanovich, Managing Partner

Kieran O’Briain

This club is for members only, but once you join membership lasts a lifetime.

Kieran O’Briain, Quarter Century Member

Jason Hirsch

It has been a great a pleasure and an honour to be part of the Toronto Transportation Club. Throughout the years I have had the privilege of watching the club grow and support local communities as well as it’s members. The many selfless hours that have gone into the events throughout the years are truly appreciated and I have thoroughly enjoyed the networking opportunities that the TTC has provided me with. I am so thankful for the many life long friendships that I have had the privilege of making. Thank you to all of the TTC staff and I am really looking forward to an exciting 2021 for everyone!

Jason Hirsch, Senior Vice President Sales

Eric Carusi

The TTC is not just a club, its the epicentre to meet the incredible people that work in our industry. After 10+ years, I continue to find the club and events to be invaluable to both myself and my company, and am truly grateful for everything it has offered.

Eric Carusi, EVP

Justin Nice

Being a member of The TTC is a great way to network and build business relationships, especially for newcomers such as myself. It has personally allowed me to connect and learn from its experienced members that have been an integral part of the industry for many years.

Justin Nice, Account Manager

Brent Byers

Although the Toronto Transportation Club is a social club it has offered so much more over the years. The TTC has been responsible for establishing contacts with partner carriers, railways, steamship lines, airlines, 3pls, financial, insurance, government and of course a myriad of trades people vital to the operation of our business. When you attend a TTC event it is designed to entertain you nothing more nothing less and it creates a great avenue to build these relationships with the only agenda being to have some fun and let off a little steam. A refreshing break from the day-to-day grind. The TTC asks very little from you but gives so much back.

Brent Byers, Vice President