Heroes – Submitted By Apps Transport Group
August 11, 2020

Fall 2020

As we remember back to June with the trees in full leaf, summer flowers blooming, fledglings learning to fly, and butterflies all aflutter, the natural world began buzzing with life.

The beginning of summer is usually filled with anticipation and hopefulness but this summer was unlike anything we’ve experienced before and we were mostly filled with uncertainty and, for some, fear.

While there may have been some concern about what our summer would look like amidst the pandemic, our summer delivered spectacular weather and a time to be more present within our “bubbles” of family and friends. It strengthened our communities and our bonds.

It also delivered an abundance of fun! For many of us as we approached adulthood, we stopped having fun, but this summer taught us that it was more important than ever before to consciously inject more fun into our lives and discovered that being more present, in the "present" is where "fun" is found. There was a resurgence of Family Game Night, Family Movie Nights – Family Time and many took time to learn what their kids were thinking and feeling.

That did not mean ignoring real problems or responsibilities. There were times where the world was filled with tragedies and injustices, weighing heavy on our hearts and minds… that is not lost, and will not be forgotten. We are strong, and together took on a whole new meaning, and will remain part of this pandemic’s history.

We learned that life is fragile and that the pandemic looks and feels different depending on who you are and your family circumstances, around the World. Throughout the Summer, we witnessed the strength of mankind, our communities are stronger, we are focusing on supporting one another more, many are finding ways to express themselves, pivoting is now the new common verb and there’s a lot to be grateful for.

Our children are pivoting into fall with the promise of friends and uncertainty of their new environments. The Toronto Transportation Club’s focus will be on helping them reunite as their well-being includes networking and socializing. To support our families and their children, we have made it our Club’s responsibility as a community to support our members and their “bubbles”. As many of you are aware, we most recently made a decision to cancel our Fall Golf. The Toronto Transportation Club’s foundation is built around networking and supporting our next generation, through our scholarship program, as our children will be our future leaders. We are committed to our Members and trust you all can agree on our approach – baby steps!

Today, the crickets are out, the mornings and evenings are cooler, signs we are heading into the last few days of summer. So now more than ever have some fun! Skip down the road – who cares who’s looking, cannonball into the lake, go camping in the great outdoors, go swimming, go to a drive-in, take a drive up to the country or watch Netflix all day. Whatever you do enjoy it guilt free and have fun!

Stay safe and be well.

Cynthia Nagamatsu
President, The Toronto Transportation Club