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September, 2017
September 17, 2017
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January, 2018

Mike Fontaine

I am very proud to be named the President of the Toronto Transportation Club. I see this role as an incredible chance to give back to this Club; for all that it has given me over the years. I’ve been a member of this Club for 20 years and it’s done so much for me. It has allowed me the opportunity to meet new people, to grow our business, to develop new relationships and most importantly – to learn. For me, the Club promotes shared learning and collaboration so that together we can move the transportation industry forward. I would like to thank Past President Gary Fast for your leadership, and your willingness to share your knowledge and guidance. I carry great respect for all that you have done and continue to do for the Club.

The Scholarship fund is a natural extension of the Club’s mission. After all, the fund is promoting learning in our next generation. We are all proud of the money the Club raises every year for scholarships, and I am thrilled that a third scholarship has been added this year. I want to, again, offer congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Toronto Transportation Club Scholarship – Sophie Chase, Robbie Suwary, and Julia-Anne Collins.

I would like to recognize our outgoing board members this year. Thank you Past President, Lori McCreight who has been with us for 7 years, culminating in her role as Past President in 2017. Also, departing the board this past year were Brian Ledson of Cavalier Group and Bradley Bowering of Peterbilt. Thank you for all your time, efforts and service... you have made a difference!

Congratulations to Cynthia Nagamatsu who was elected to the position of 2nd Vice President at our AGM prior to the annual dinner. I look forward to working with Cynthia in the coming years. We have also had several new additions to our board including Ralph Scrivo from Peterbilt, Leah Cormier from Insinc Promotions and Domenic Barbuto from Penske Leasing.

Membership renewals for 2018 are now due. If you haven’t renewed yet, please visit our website or call Denise Cardy at 416-886-5450 for more information. I encourage you to take a look at your membership with our Club and explore the opportunity of welcoming additional members of your organization through corporate memberships, student memberships, and, of course, retiree memberships. The cost is minimal, and the opportunities are endless. Remember your membership counts. I look forward to connecting with you at our world-class events as we head into 2018 together. Happy New Year!

Mike Fontaine
President, The Toronto Transportation Club