May, 2016
May 2, 2016
Toronto Transportation Club director
January, 2017
January 1, 2017

September, 2016

Where does the time go? Hard to believe that summer is gone and we are now moving onto, what is generally, a busy time of year in transportation.

Every fall the TTC Board meets to discuss and set its strategy for the upcoming calendar year. Our mission is “To provide all of our members with a network of support and encouragement for the benefit of the transportation community through opportunities for social interaction, education and resource sharing”.

We have almost completed our 103rd year as a club. Amazing! The longevity of the organization is a tribute to its members and the support that we receive on an annual basis. We strive during this strategy session to honour the history of the club in as many events and traditions as possible. We also discuss how we can positively change in order to evolve. Change, at times, is perceived as “scary”. But if we consider it in the context of a positive light, it is the “start of something new”.

In 2013, Past President Claudia Milicevic presented the idea of adding a new event to the roster. An event geared towards women. It started small (but with a sell out the first year) and has grown three fold into an event that women don’t want to miss. We held our 4th Annual Ladies Lunch and Learn at the Palais Royale in June and had another fantastic sell-out year. We were fortunate to have Annette Verschuren (past CEO of Home Depot, founder of Michaels) as our keynote speaker. Annette entertained us with childhood stories and experiences, which ultimately led back to her core values in business and leadership.

This year we decided to launch “Pop Up” events. Our first event was a Ladies Nine and Network. The Country Club graciously hosted our group. We did a couple of clinics and then hit the course for a 9-hole scramble. It was a fun afternoon of learning and networking with colleagues and friends.

In 2012, John Foss pitched the idea to hold another golf tournament. A fall tournament specifically organized to raise money for a second scholarship. This year John and Peter have scoped out a new location and are adding a few twists and surprises to the day. September 15th should prove to be a fantastic day.

In time-honoured tradition, we are back at Woodbine for a Night at the Races on October 5th and then the Annual Dinner on December 8th. Please mark your calendars!

Our membership is embracing change – the start of something new mixed with the history of tradition. What a great combination.

Happy networking!

Lori McCreight
President, The Toronto Transportation Club