Scholarship Program

Helping Students Realize a Dream

Membership Has Its Privileges

The Toronto Transportation Club (TTC) is pleased to offer financial assistance to deserving students entering post-secondary education. Proceeds from our events are used to ensure that our Scholarship Fund can continue to deliver support to the students who need our help in realizing their dream of a higher education.

As a member of the TTC for one (1) calendar year, you are eligible to have your dependent child (including grandchildren, adopted children, stepchildren and wards in legal guardianship) apply for offered scholarships.

Scholarships are open to graduating students entering their first year of studies at an accredited University or Community College and will be paid annually to a maximum of four years.

An independent adjudicator reviews all applications in confidence and grants the Scholarship Award accordingly.

Other Educational Support

In addition to the scholarship opportunities offered to TTC Members and their dependents, the TTC also supports students in the Supply Chain Management course at Humber College.

The TTC has pledged its financial assistance for a three-year Scholarship Program to Humber's post-degree registrants. With your support, future generations in the transportation business will have the opportunity to accelerate their own career as well as the industry

How to Apply for a Scholarship

The deadline for application is June 30th of each year.

Apply by Mail

Please fill out the Scholarship Application form in full and mail to the address below. Applications must be postmarked no later than June 30th of each year to be eligible. Original supporting documentation (as outlined in the Scholarship Application form) must be postmarked no later than July 15th of each year. Copies or scans are not acceptable.

39 Silverlace Circle,
Stoney Creek, Ont. L8E 6A6

Apply by Email

Please fill out the Scholarship Application form in full, scan, then email to the address below by June 30th of each year. Please note that only the application can be sent via email. All supporting documents must be in their original form and received by mail no later than July 15th of each year.